Rattle: PMML Support

The Predictive Modelling Markup Language (PMML) is becoming the ligua franca for data mining. Rattle, a graphical user interface for data mining using R supports the generation of PMML. This PMML support has been separated out of Rattle as a new R package, called pmml, and now provides general support for many R algorithms.

The following are currently supported:

Type R Package Developers Status
AssociationModel arules Hahsler close 3.2
ClusteringModel kmeans Togaware 3.2
NeuralNetwork nnet Zementis 3.2
RegressionModel lm/glm Guha, Togaware, Zementis
SVM Model ksvm Zementis
SVM Binary Model ksvm Zementis
SVM Multinomial Model ksvm Zementis 3.2
TreeModel rpart Togaware, Zementis 3.2
Tree Random Survival Classification    randomSurvivalForest   


For other PMML support see the Data mining Group's we site.

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