Rattle: Download

If you are new to Rattle, please see the Rattle User Guide for an installation guide for GNU/Linux or MS/Windows. Below we provide only brief comments.

When installing, make sure you have installed the GTK+ libraries for your system (independent of R) or else you may see an error about libatk missing.

You can obtain a stable version of rattle from CRAN. Start up R and at the prompt (>), type the commands:

      > install.packages("RGtk2")
      > install.packages("rattle", dependencies=TRUE)

Advanced users can download the Rattle source packages directly:

Save theses to your hard disk (e.g., to your Desktop) but don't extract them. Then, on GNU/Linux run the install command shown below. This command is entered into a terminal window:

On MS/Windows start up the R application and from the Packages menu, choose the Install package(s) from local zip file. Browse to your Desktop (where you downloaded the Rattle zip file), and select the downloaded zip file. This will then install the package.

The pmml source package is also available directly:

Once downloaded and installed (R CMD INSTALL), you simply need to:

      > library(rattle)
      > rattle()

and you should see the graphical user interface pop up.

Finally, you can also download the actual Google Code repository with the command:

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