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"I have recently purchased your book ‘Data Mining with Rattle and R’ which I am currently working my way through. Thank you for making such an excellent tool available. I particularly like the ease of model evaluation and the clear interface. The book is also a very easy to read introduction to data Mining." (10 January 2012)

"Rattle ... works very intuitively (especially when compared to some of the other usual suspects such as Weka and Rapidminer)." (30 May 2010)

"Rattle is a great work of synthesis, and leadership. This kind of leadership is sorely needed in the R community to overcome the complexity presented by so many packages, functions, and their arguments." (Felix Andrews, Canberra R User Group, 26 June 2009)

"I have been using Rattle for a little over a week for various projects and I can sincerely say that you have developed a product on par with any commercial vender. I plan to tell all my colleagues about the ingenuity that is Rattle. (13 June 2009)

"The GUI looks great and very easy to use. It is a life saver for someone like me who is not familiar with the R language. The log helps me learn R too. Great job!" (27 February 2009)

"I have been using rattle for the past 2 months and it is one of the best analytical tool that I have ever used." (15 January 2009 - Rattle Users mailing list)

"I must congratulate you and your team for providing the scientific community with rattle." (9 January 2009 - R-Help mailing list)

"R and its GUI Rattle helped me establish a data mining consulting startup on my own, without taking bank credit." (7 January 2009 - R-Help mailing list)

"This is great. I am a great fan of rattle." (5 January 2009)

"...in some ways it is the next generation of R." (5 January 2009)

"Rattle is extremely helpful for R learners." (5 January 2009)

"your sofware is a thing of beauty!" (18 April 2008)

"Thank you for your beautiful software" (2 April 2008)

"The project I was working on was very well received and it looks there is more work coming in the near future!!! Rattle ROCKS!" (2 March 2007)

"Rattle ... really made the difference [to learning R]. [For] a novice like me ... I made more progress in two days than in two weeks with plain R."

"I continue to be impressed with this simple interface to some quite powerful techniques. It really is excellent."

"An excellent tool that allows you to very quickly load data and build a model for deployment."

"Simple and logical. Your demonstration of it to us was an eye opener."

"All around I think Rattle is an excellent tool and I am cross at myself for not using it sooner!"

"Well done! I like the GUI very much."

Used in Teaching

Rattle is used is teaching ANU Data Mining (2004-present) and Advanced Data Mining (2004-present). University of South Australia (2009). Yale (2006). Habin Institute of Technology (2006). University of Vienna (2011). University of Canberra (2011-present). University of Liège, Belgium, (2011). University of Southern Queensland (2011). ...

Used in Government

Australian Taxation Office. Australian Department of Immigration. Australian Customs Service. Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Used in Industry

GlaxoSmithKline. Information Builders. Alcatel-Lucent. ...

Used in Research

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. CSIRO. ... <-->

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