Rattle: Installation on Macintosh OS X (Leopard and Lion)

Install Guide

The definitive guide to installing rattle on the Mac as of June 2018 comes via Zhiya Zuo where Yihui Xie (RStudio) noted that he has pre-built the binaries of RGtk2 and cairoDevice so that we can easily install rattle. Thanks to Yihui. Note that https://macos.rbind.org has disappeared and has probably been replaced by https://macos.rbind.io.

Asara Senaratne tested the following steps 2020-08-03:

Eric Lin provided the following steps 2020-03-03. If asked to install by source say yes. If at any time during the process you are prompted for dependencies to be installed press yes. If you had a failed installation previously run brew doctor first to clear potential problems. If there is a recommendation for a cleanup run brew cleanup

For trouble shooting see the Rattle Install Trouble Shooting.

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