Rattle: Installation on MS/Windows

This installation was confirmed 22 September 2020 to work on Microsoft Windows 10, 64bit, with R 4.0.2, Rattle 5.4.6, RGtk2 2.20.36, and gtk+ 2.22.1. However, RGtk2 was archived by CRAN in January 2022 and until it becomes available again on CRAN we can use R 4.1.0

Quick Start

When prompted to install Gtk2, click OK.

A compatible version of RStudio can be installed from https://s3.amazonaws.com/rstudio-ide-build/desktop/windows/RStudio-2022.02.2-485.exe

Dev Version

To install the development version of rattle:
> install.packages("https://rattle.togaware.com/src/contrib/rattle_5.5.2.zip", repos=NULL)


1. Install R

2. Install RGtk2

If you wish to utilise the rattle graphical user interface then you will need to have RGtk2 package and the GTK+ operating system libraries installed.

3. Install Rattle

4. Optional Configuration and Installations

For trouble shooting see Rattle Install Trouble Shooting.

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